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Loosley based on a true story (cue the A&E Biography soundtrack)

I was born in NY, but grew up in the small southern town of Lumber Bridge, NC. As a boy, my folks said we were just visiting, except we never went back. I soon grew to love and appreciate the dueling aromas of sweet tea, cow pastures and Bojangles biscuits in a land of pick ups, 'bacca fileds (tobacco fields), and bug zappers. I am most grateful for the great people and the life lessons I learned there.  

My mother is a beautifully sweet and talented lady who loves singing folk songs on her guitar and talking about how sexy Billy Ray Cyrus is, both pre and post mullet. No word on how she feels about Miley. She always exposed us to great music and is a big part of why I do what I do.

My step-dad (from Johnston, Pa) was a great man and the only person I ever knew who could smile and whistle a happy tune at the same time. He bore a striking resemblence to Kenny Rogers. Coincidentally, his name was Lenny. He would often introduce himself as Kenny's less famous cousin..and yes, he did sign a few autographs, as my brother, sister and I cringed in the background. He continues to be the biggest influence of my life. I spend each day trying to make him proud and miss him dearly. He passed away in 1996. God Bless all you step dads out there! Love you, dad.

I met my beautiful wife, Staci while doing mornings at a country station in Raleigh, NC (while working with David Hopperfield) in 1996. Staci and I married in 1998 and in 2005 adopted our first of 3 beautiful children. Aviana Sofia, Zaiden Michael and Milani Leone. Among the biggest blessings of my wife and children. I will always be in awe of the beautiful kind of crazy life has gifted me with. So grateful.

We absolutely LOVE Pennsylvania. It's been our home for the last 15 years. Staci and I lived in York from 1998 through 2013. We are thrilled to be here in the Pittsburgh area among so many great friends and look forward to making new ones! The kids are already nagging us about taking them to Kennywood...LOL.

My favorite country artists include Alison Kraus, Toby Keith, Travis Tritt and The Zak Brown Band. A highlight of my career was having the opportunity to induct Charlie Daniels into the NC Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame along with the Secretary of State. Nothing like jamming with a Head of State to "Orange Blossom" side stage with Charlie winking at ya'. After the show, Charlie and I hung out backstage and he threw me a Budweiser. "Good job, kid". He was awesome.

It's an absolute priviledge to spend my mornings with you on Froggy and work beside the great and talented staff here at WOGI. I will always do my best to help wake you up with a smile, but also be real when it comes to issues I feel passionate about. I look forward to what awaits us and making a real difference in the communities we live. Never hesitate reaching out to me. I look at all of our listening audience as our "Froggy Family"...and I can't wait to have the opportunity to meet you all soon! Thanks for the warm welcome and now,  let's get things HOPPIN'! Ribbit Ribbit!  


ALI GATOR - Mornings 5:30am-10am on FROGGY 104.3

Hi, It's Ali Gator! I was born, raised, and still live in New Castle, PA. I'm the youngest of three girls (my parents last shot at having a boy...) but they got me instead! I grew up a country girl – helping my dad split wood and clean up the yard. I loved riding around in the back of his pick up truck. I have very fond memories of Sunday drives listening to Garth Brooks, Jimmy Buffett, and The Beach Boys with my family. These days, I'm a Mom to a beautiful 10 year old named Skylar, a wife to my hubby, Mike, and the Aunt of 13 nieces and nephews!

In middle and high school, I always called in to local radio stations to request songs.  I'll never forget how it felt to hear my voice on the radio, or to hear the DJ say my name. I was hooked! I have a degree in Broadcast Communications from Westminster College in the small town of New Wilmington, PA. I fell even more in love with radio there, and the rest is history! 

I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan – she's a great role model for young girls, so being that I'm a mom, that's a plus! I also love the Zac Brown Band, Dierks Bentley, Miranda Lambert, Blake Shelton, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts.... the list goes on and on! I did a phone interview with Garth Brooks in my first few weeks here – which was the highlight of my radio career thus far. And then... I got to meet him, which was even more amazing!

I love everything about Pittsburgh. I bleed black and gold and am a HUGE Steelers fan! Love tailgating before games and concerts... love eating at the Bettis Grille... love going to Pirates games. But as much fun as I have being out, I also love being at home. I dream of warm summer nights having “porch beers” with my husband and friends. My daughter is the light of my life – we love playing outside so she can practice cheerleading and gymnastics. We love crafting, baking, watching movies and cooking shows, shopping, and all things sparkly. You know, all girl stuff! Above all, my daughter and I love to perform random acts of kindness – it's all about paying it forward! Sometimes we see the result, a lot of times we don't... but for us, it's all about putting a smile on a strangers face. 

I'm thrilled to be here in Froggyland. We are so glad that you choose to wake up with us and hope that we keep you laughing as you get ready to start your day. Thank you for making The Frogman and Gator a part of your family!

Leaving you with my words to live by from Lee Brice: “Be a best friend, tell the truth, overuse I love you. Go to work, do you best, don't outsmart your common sense. Never let your prayin' knees get lazy... and love like crazy!”



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